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GBT high film thickness anti-corrosion coating

GBT-series are high performance corrosion preventive paint baking coating with excellent adhesion and corrosion preventive capability in a variety of substrates. A film thickness of the coating can achieve high corrosion, rust, beautiful results Used thermal transfer, wood sharper than plastic powder transfer, more layered also be used for direct imitation of copper wire drawing on its surface, good effect, easy operation.


① excellent workability and excellent hiding power

② corrosion, rust resistance, resistance to salt spray test more than 400 hours

③ one-time coating to achieve high film thickness effect

④ replace plastic powder transfer, grain clearer, stronger sense of hierarchy, according to the needs of different background can be redeployed transfer, fast, convenient, affordable

⑤ good adhesion, UV-resistant, not powder

⑥ replace copper wire drawing imitation plastic powder, the better

⑦ can be directly used as a primer (which can deploy different background)

⑧ single plastic powder coating can achieve corrosion resistance

Applicable Material:

All kinds of metal materials, phosphate is better